Upfront Analytics (UFA) delivers timely market intelligence by mining specially designed game play. As players interact with our mobile app, The Pryz Manor, we gather data on their awareness, sentiment and behavior towards products and brands at a level of continuous engagement impossible with traditional research methods. Interactive reports based on player responses are then generated to help companies effectively plan and forecast.

UFA games are specially designed so that natural game play reveals true underlying attitude and usage. While traditional research methods suffer from demand characteristics, aspirational biases or just plain apathy, our respondents are motivated to engage honestly and openly because those characteristics lead to success within our games.

Game responses are continuously validated against internal and external benchmarks to ensure data quality.

The UFA system is designed for continual, longitudinal engagement with tens of thousands of respondents. You can quickly iterate, probing deeper into areas of interest or follow up on new ideas suggested by prior responses. Game content can be customized and targeted to meet your specific needs: qualitative or quantitative feedback; longitudinal, tracking or point-in-time studies; and fact-based or opinion-based research.
Smartphones have been adopted faster than any other new technology in the history of mankind. More than 50% of U.S. consumers have a smartphone. UFA’s Pryz Manor players are a curated sample, representative of the U.S. population on income, age, gender, race, education and location. Moreover, our games allow us to tap into respondents who have no interest in participating in traditional research methods, eliminating a large portion of the selection bias found with focus groups and surveys.
Traditional market research and social-media mining are currently the dominant approaches to market intelligence. Standard techniques are resource intensive and produce small amounts of quality data, while social-media ‘scrapes’ are hard to interpret due to the unstructured nature of online conversations. Our approach combines the scale and breadth of big-data techniques with the relevance of prompted inquiry. With UFA, our Goldilocks Data is “just right”.
UFA respondents return to The Pryz Manor again and again to play addictive, fun games that generate meaningful market intelligence. The high entertainment value of our games boosts response rates, thoughtful engagement and quality results.
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